Felony Crimes, Convicts, and The Prison Environment

Felony Crimes, Convicts, and The Prison Environment

Wow. A riveting review of the experience of being locked up in a Texas prison from a former inmate. The topic of discussion in this particular video is prison fights.

The gentleman in this video discusses being tested during his first time in prison. They discussed the aggression of a man threatening to rape another man in prison and the lack of policing from the correctional officers. It is being made very clear that when you are sought as prey in prison, other convicts and prison staff will look the other way.

One Houston area defense lawyer I know always warns his young clients about how it is in prison. He always tells them if they knew how it was in prison that they would steer clear of criminal activity. Another inmate who has a feeling that you’ve disrespected them can make you a target for aggression. Also, if another convict feels that you are a threat to them, they will become a threat to you.

If you are found guilty in the court of law for a criminal offense in Texas, the life being described in the video above will be yours. In the State of Texas when an inmate is given a cellmate, they are matched closely in size, height, and weight.

In prison, inmates kill each other on a regular basis. In one inmate prison killing, the killer was given a life sentence for killing another cellmate in county jail.

If an average guy goes to jail, he will most likely get into fights if he doesn’t handle himself as a man.

In Texas prisons, riots are commonplace.

Inside a Texas Prison

Lockup – Inside a Texas Prison

  • A self avowed Satanist, restaurant owner, and a member of the Aryan Brotherhood are cited in this documentary.
  • Most of the people who are locked away in jail, have not been found guilty yet, and likely can’t afford bail or a decent Texas criminal defense attorney.
  • One convict beat the hell out of another inmate for disrespecting his mustache.
  • When criminals fight in jail they are given new criminal charges.
  • Thomas “Bar B Que” Thames was also seen in this documentary and was charged with helping to dispose of two dead bodies (disposing of a human corpse). We are unsure of his fate. There is no record of him being incarcerated in TDCJ, however, he could very well be free, or in the county jail continuing to fight his case. But in the video it was said the he was sentenced to 10 years TDC for helping to dispose of a corpse. He thought all off his cases where dismissed. The court only dismissed the capital murder charge, and the unlawful carrying of a weapon charge, but did find him guilty of helping to hide the dead bodies of the two people killed in the cocaine deal gone bad. They were killed Mexican Mafia execution style. He is probably out of prison by now.
  • It appears that Thames was working with a young drug dealer who funded the growth of his bar-b-que business. And in return, he allegedly helped him dispose of two bodies.