Burglary in Texas; A Growing Problem

Burglary in Texas; A Growing Problem

It is a known fact that burglaries and home invasions happen at an extremely high rate within the state of Texas. At least 955 people out of 100,000 can expect to be burglarized within a given year. This is higher than the national home invasion rate of 723 people per year. At least 100,000 people are burglarized every year within the Longhorn State.

Burglaries Can Happen On Any Property

Keep in mind that burglaries happen to any type of property whether it is private, public or some type of government building. Home invasions typically take place inside of homes. At least 4,121 structures out of 100,000 will be victimized by burglars.

Texas has high crime rates for various reasons. According to Texas defense lawyer Sandra Oballe, the socio-economic makeup of Texas accounts for the large amounts of crime that happens within this state. There is a lot of poverty throughout the state of Texas and many people are willing to rob and steal to get what they want. A lot of Texan communities have low-income individuals who are living in poverty.

Texas: Land of Law Enforcement

Historically speaking, Texas is a land of outlaws and criminals. Keep in mind that the spirit of the wild west still lives on indirectly within the state of Texas. There are thousands of people who live here and they view themselves as outlaws and this mentality often spills over into criminal acts such as home invasion.

The cartels also contribute to this problem by flooding the area with drugs. When people run out of money to get drugs they then turn to illegal activities to get the money they need to support their habit. This is another reason why burglaries and home invasions are so high within the state.

Poverty in a Growth State

While poverty is a big problem in Texas, the state is still experiencing growth. As a result, a lot of people are moving around the state and they are coming into Texas from other parts of the country and the world. People who are not financially stable or grounded within a community has a tendency to steal and rob. Burglary is often a result of this behavior.

Illegal immigration is another reason why burglary and crime rates within Texas is so high. Many illegal immigrants are transient people and they are constantly moving around the state. Some of these individuals frequently cross the border. As a result, some of them will turn to illegal activities to get what they want and/or need to survive.

There are many reasons why the state of Texas experiences a high burglary rates. Ultimately, the criminal element that resides here is prone to many social and economic conditions which motivates them to use burglary to compensate them for what they lack.

Reasons why Burglary in Texas is such a Problem