Houston Criminal Defense

Options for Criminal Defendants in Texas

Accepting a Plea Deal

Plea Bargains: The Good and the Bad

In some instances for defendants, working with Texas prosecutors is a good idea, but most of the time plea agreements are disastrous for the defendant.

  • For one, to accept a plea agreement is akin to snitching on one’s self, which isn’t the American way.
  • Secondly, a guilty plea, which is a required component of a plea deal, means that defendant gives on their right to an appeal and all other forms of legal recourse.

Houston Criminal DefenseDepending on the situation, a plea deal might not be a bad idea. It’s best to seek consultation with a skilled criminal justice attorney to ensure that the right decision is made. With the legal guidance of a lawyer with experience in such matters, one can ensure that all the relevant details of the case are taken into account and that all other options are exhausted before pleading guilty.

One of most common reasons that defendants in criminal cases accept plea bargain agreements with Harris County prosecutors is because it’s cheaper than hiring and paying a trial lawyer and gets the matter closed quickly.

This might be a good idea for some defendants in misdemeanor cases, but for a person charged with a felony it could mean a lengthy multi-year prison sentence on up to a life sentence.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Probably the Smarter Option

If you’re a person that’s accused of a serious crime, taking the advisement of a criminal justice attorney is probably the best decision you can make. Experienced attorneys know how to spot defects in criminal cases, uncover lies among police informants, and how to make the law work in the favor of a defendant. Even weeding out a paid liar of a witness can be enough the get a case dismissed or a conviction overturned. It’s not uncommon for innocent people to be jail, which guilty defendants walk away from courts with not guilty verdicts. The divergence of morality in the outcome of such cases is almost always the result of the skill and prowess of the defendant’s legal representation.

Although hiring a criminal defense lawyer is more expensive and drawn out over time than working with prosecutors on a plea bargain, it might mean the difference between the defendant spending their life with their family, or a prison full of criminals for the rest or a large part of their lives. When hiring a defense attorney for your case be sure to choose an ethical and effective defense lawyer for your case.