A Look at Pedophilia and Sexual Deviancy in Culture

A Look at Pedophilia and Sexual Deviancy in Culture

Sex crimes, pedophilia, and human trafficking have long been a huge problem for law enforcement agencies in and around the Houston, TX area and nothing seems to be changing, at light speed.

Pay Attention to Crime in the News

As an avid reader of newspapers, watcher of silly pundits taking the place of journalism, and a person who is suspicious of law enforcement’s willingness to prosecute pedophiles in high places, I think society needs to change on a biblical order.

Prosecuting Sex Crimes Matter

Any lawyer for Houston sex offenders knows that these people come from all walks of life, and are growing in numbers. Take organizations like NAMBLA for example; an organization dedicated to making certain sex crimes legal, as a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Men Need to Make a Comeback

I’m not sure who started the war on men, but it needs to end so we can get to the important business of restoring moral order in society. I’ve seen tons of videos on YouTube about the Gay Agenda, and while I’m not keen on agreeing with the basement dwelling masters of Windows Live Movie Maker, I can understand their concern.